Tampa EMSella Services

What Is EMSella?

EMSella is the only device that targets the entire pelvic floor to improve women’s intimate health and wellness. This unique technology is a completely non-invasive option for those suffering from urinary incontinence AND the procedure is done with your clothes on.

Urinary Incontinence In Women

Approximately 35% of women around the world are affected by urinary continence. Incontinence can present itself in three forms: stress, urge, and a combination of both. It is often a result of childbirth or the natural aging process. Urinary incontinence can have a large effect on a woman’s quality of life. Women report having to give up exercise, having lower self-confidence, and little to no intimacy as a result.

How Does EMSella Work?

The EMSella device has a “chair” design, which allows women to remain fully clothed for treatment. Using the power of HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology, this device stimulates the entire pelvic floor.

Each session provides thousands of a single session providing thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions. This is comparable to thousands of kegels. There is no pain or downtime with the EMSella treatment, so patients can walk out immediately following.

EMSella Treatment Results

After a clinical study, 95% of patients have reported satisfaction after their EMSella treatment. After six treatments, they reported a significant improvement in their quality of life.Tampa Emsella Services

EMSella For Men

EMSella can benefit men as well. Those suffering from prostate issues or fecal incontinence may be good candidates. EMSella is also great for men seeking more sexual satisfaction. EMSella can be a simple, non-invasive solution in improving orgasmic function and forceful ejaculation.

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