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Organic Permanent Makeup

Simplify your life. Enhance your beauty.

If you could have the enhancing beauty benefits of makeup, without needing to apply it every day or worrying about it washing off, would you? Permanent makeup is the ultimate solution to give you the look that you want, 24 hours a day! From beautifully shaped eyebrows to full, kissable lips, permanent makeup can accentuate your natural beauty with subtle coloring and shading that lasts for years.

Some of the most popular permanent and semi-permanent makeup solutions include:

Eyebrow enhancements

Our artist can create lasting, fuller, beautifully shaped eyebrows. We offer two eyebrow techniques, a shadow brow which uses subtle coloring or shading to fill and shape your existing eyebrows and hair stroke brows, also known as “eyebrow feathering.” This technique involves applying one hair at a time, leaving perfectly placed eyebrows with a natural hair look.


Lip enhancements

Have the full, natural looking lips that you have always wanted with permanent makeup! Our artist will add definition, color and fullness to your lips, enhancing your beautiful smile. We can also contour colors and expand for a lip enlargement.

Eye enhancements

Add permanent eyeliner to create larger and more alluring eyes, 24 hours a day. There are a variety of options available, from soft and smoky, thin along the lash line, to a solid winged look. Full shadow also available in a variety of colors.

While it is called permanent makeup, these solutions can potentially last up to nine years for permanent applications and one-three years for semi-permanent treatments. Moreover, permanent makeup can be removed or altered as needed, so no risk involved if you decide to change your style down the road.



Permanent Makeup Corrections/Alterations

If you have permanent makeup either faded, incorrectly placed or changed color, our artist can work with you to correct or change your existing permanent makeup. This is an advanced skill that not all permanent makeup artists can perform; however, our experienced technician has had extensive training in both applying new permanent makeup as well as correcting previously botched or faded makeup.

You can have the lips, eyes or brows that you have always wanted, every day, without daily application and without smearing or streaking when you jump in the pool or rise out of bed in the morning. If you are ready to explore what permanent and semi-permanent makeup options are available, we invite you to meet with one of our talented artists for a consultation. Contact us today!

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