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NV Spa Lounge

Relax your way to results.

All facials can be customized depending on skin type.


Lighten and Brighten your skin
Diamond White Collection is our definitive effort to make you shine. This collection works from the surface layers, where dark spots are visible, right to the inside of the epidermis. The results? Skin renewal, lightening, and visible pigmentation.


Relax, Fill, Lift and Reform
Rejuvenate your complexion with lifting-effect treatments that minimize expression lines and correct signs of aging. The effective massage techniques of these spa facials dramatically revitalize and plump skin.


Visible results with no downtime

Take your facial services to the next level with this non-invasive tool that enhances product absorption to create immediate, visible results with no downtime. Unique sphere-shaped tips perform gently on the skin to allow for active ingredients to be more efficiently utilized for ultimate rejuvenation.


Essential Shock facial is a powerful and specific treatment that intensely hydrates and nourishes your skin to radically replenish its firmness. High concentrations of natural free form collagen and elastin amino acids powerfully regenerate and restructure the skin, this magnificent facial results in intensive skin hydration and nourishment, restoration of natural elasticity and tone and a deep rejuvenation and redefinition of the facial contours.


The look of a filler without a needle
PLLA Facial Infusion utilizes the same ingredient, Polly-L-Lactic Acid, that is found in the facial filler Sculptra. This treatment is a topical serum that is applied to the face and neck and occluded with a special hydrogen mask that adheres to the skin and activates the serum. Production of Collagen is stimulated and volume is increased in the skin and appears to look more youthful in appearance.


This facial is a flawless fusion of deep exfoliation and cellular oxygenation. Combining a dual exfoliator with ultrasonic treatment makes this facial the ultimate pore refining treatment. A blend of Oxygen and vitamins is infused into the skin to immediately reduce the visible signs of aging while stimulating collagen production. This treatment is ideal for all skin types as it is customized to your individual needs.


A dose of energy and luminosity
Vitamin C, one of the most effective antioxidants for dramatically decreasing free radicals and stress that cause signs of aging in the skin. Indulge in the invigorating citrus aroma and show off exquisite, intensely hydrated, luminous skin. Say goodbye to signs of fatigue and dull tone. Embrace your new glowing complexion.


Cutting edge LED therapy is a natural, non-invasive, FDA approved treatment for multiple skin conditions including aging and acne. This 5 step procedure increases collagen, reduces inflammation, increases circulation and destroys acne bacteria but also calms and restores your body. This treatment is ideal for all skin types as it is customized to your individual needs.


A classic part of your maintenance routine, this facial utilizes dermaplaning to exfoliate dead skin and remove vellus hair. (No more fuzz!) Topped with a light acid to tighten and brighten leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Best of all, no downtime! Add oxygen infusion for the ultimate glow!

COOL LIFTING – THE BEAUTY GUN  (package available)

A quick 10-minute treatment using cryotherapy to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, increase hydration and add radiance. Improve collagen production with a series.


Refine, revive & renew your skin today to reveal your ultimate beauty!

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