IPL Laser


“I know there’s a beautiful person inside, why shouldn’t I be beautiful outside too?”

IPL Laser

Liver spots, sun spots, hot spots – there’s a lot of different names for those ugly, brown spots that start to show up on your hands, arms, neck and even your face. Foundation makeup will cover up some of those unpleasant reminders of aging, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was a fix that you didn’t have to put on every day and gave a more natural look. IPL Laser therapy is designed to do just that.

Intense Pulsed Light therapy is a skin rejuvenation procedure. That means it uses your body’s ability to produce fresh collagen to improve your skin’s tone, color and firmness and give you a natural, radiant appearance.  IPL Laser reduces redness, broken capillaries and brown spots while also stimulating collagen production.

Why Collagen?

Collagen is essential for a youthful, firm look, but more than that, collagen basically holds your body together. Collagen and elastin work to give your skin a firm, young look, but as you age collagen breaks down and that’s when you get wrinkling and folds and crow’s feet. Collagen is used in lots of beauty products for it’s ability to firm up and provide elasticity, but medical spas are finding ways to utilize your body’s ability to produce collagen. IPL Laser technique is one of those ways.

ipl-pageYour skin specialist may recommend IPL Laser for:

–         age or brown spots

–         broken blood vessels

–         Rosacea

–         Freckles

–         Blotchy skin

–         acne

How It Works

IPL Laser is not an invasive technique so there’s no injections or needles involved. Instead, a device is used to send wavelengths of high-intensity light under the skin where melanin (the place that holds your red or brown spot) and capillaries are located. The light breaks the melanin into tiny pieces that are absorbed by your body.


In this way redness and aging discoloration are reduced and best of all your body response is to produce fresh, new collagen. That results in plumper skin and the reduction of fine lines and pores. You will see improvement with each treatment. The more brown spots, sun damage or redness you have, the more likely you are to need a series of treatments.