Happy clients speak volume.

Love this facility and love Cheri Morales! She is super knowledgeable, really fun personality along with her assistant. But better than that she listens and recommends what you need not what you DON’T! As so many of us think we’re “Google doctors” lol I appreciate her professionalism and my results are fantastic! Cheri has done my lips beautifully as well as my botox and recently treated my neck bands (who knew?) She did! Would highly recommend her to anyone! ~ Denise Liptak

It seemed that all the damage I had done to my face over the years had come to the surface overnight. I woke up one day, looked at myself in the mirror and felt tired and speckled. I met with Kaisa and we came up with a plan to undo the sun damage and aging that had occurred. After a series of peels and Fraxel treatments, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The improvement was amazing. My pigment was lighter, most of the sun spots had faded, my melasma was under control, and the texture of my skin was smooth. The team at Skin NV knew exactly what I needed, and they worked with me every step of the way to make sure I was comfortable and educated on what to expect. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Oh wait, I have. My husband, friends, and family have all become clients of Skin NV. If you want to look like you only five years younger, make an appointment at Skin NV. You’ll be glad you did.

I am ever so grateful for both the treatment and informative skin analysis. Your gentle manner and expertise ensured that I had a most enjoyable time at Skin NV. ~ Meredith

This took a while , but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and the excellent service you have provided! I have been so pleased with Skin NV and the sweet staff. Professional all the way and warm and friendly? Who knew? Look forward to seeing you (and looking as great as you!) All the best, Tammy

I spend all my working hours in a heated room, upwards of 100 degrees, six days a week. I had no idea what kind of effects that had on my face. I also do not even have an even grain beard. My beard grows in every possible direction and angle. My skin has a more noticeable luster and glow; my face just feels younger and lighter. The best benefit of the treatment is that in-grown hairs and razor burn very rarely occur, if at all, I really can not say enough about the benefits of a facial peel. Sincerely, Thom Taylor

I am so very thankful for you guys! All of you are so very beautiful inside and out! I am so looking forward in the days to come, so I too can look beautiful on the outside! Love ya – all in Jesus – Carolyn

Dear Kasia and Dr. Gargasz, I just want to thank both of you again for your care, compassion and kindness through this. You both are exceptional and so very much appreciated by me. I hope for the very best for both of you. Thank you again & Merry Christmas and blessed Holidays. Sincerely, Cheryl

Denise, Just let me say thank you for helping to “correct” my eye. It is obvious that you are a true professional and ethical in the way you do business. That is so refreshing to see – especially in the “cut-throat” business you are in. I will not hesitate to refer anyone to you. Thanks again! Lori

Dear Skin NV Staff, Thank you ALL for everything you have done for me this summer. I cannot tell you how much your help means to me. I hope that as I begin my medical career I can show the same compassion, dedication and patience that you all have shown me. Sincerely, Adam

I can tell you that I am grateful for having met all of you. Thank you for being so understanding and honest with me. I send my best wishes to you and everyone I met. Mary

I’ve been coming to Skin NV for close to a year now. They were highly recommended to me from a friend of mine. Nearing 40 I’ve realized that my skin is not as youthful looking as it was a couple of years ago. Growing up in Florida and California my whole life, my skin is really sun-damaged from my face to my chest. I started seeing Cathline for Botox. She had been great in recommendations and working with me on a tight budget. I also went for my very first chemical peel with Kaisa last week. I was pretty nervous… but Kaisa made me feel very comfortable and explains everything step by step. A week later I went back for my follow up and I couldn’t believe the difference… The texture of my skin was amazing and I looked 5 years younger. I feel amazing. I trust Skin NV with all my skincare needs. I recommend them to anyone and I will be a customer for life! Thanks Skin NV! – RJ Johnson

Always a lovely place to visit. Everyone is friendly and they keep their appointment schedule on time. Love that they offer you water (it is hot out these days!) and take the time to explain any products you may be interested in. -Donna J

The owner and staff are the best in the business! They totally customize your skincare and treatments based up on an in depth analysis of your skin and facial structure. I travel across the state to get the very best in aesthetics fillers and laser treatments here at Skin NV! This fall I will be doing Fraxel then Thermage here. Looking forward to their fall event. -Sandra H

Amazing as alwasy. Cheri Morales Kaisa, Alicia Blanca and all of the women at Skin NV are a delight to be around and make the atmosphere of the office very light and joyful. Their knowledge, professionalism, courtesy, and dedication to superior customer service it tops the best in Tampa. They have my complete trust. All treatments are expertly explained and I know beyond a doubt that I will look healthier and my skin/face will naturally appear my more fibrant and youthful after the treatment and the minimal down time. I will only trust my face to Skin NV. -Thom T

I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff when I first was referred to Skin NV for an oxygen facial. I turned to Kaisa and Skin NV months later when my daughter was having trouble with acne. We tried everything from dermatologists to prescriptions to pills. Kaisa used green light technology along with facial treatments and TLC to clear up my daughters skin. The staff really keeps current with the latest in skin care research and Skin NV offers the most up to date products, procedures, and equipment. Without a doubt, Best in South Tampa! -Beth Scanlan

Hands down, FANTASTIC! Skin NV appointments are a lot like visiting your favorite sister who happens to be a gorgeous world famous skin expert and shares all her beauty secrets, time and money saving tips with you. The entire team works together to take care of your every need.

I mostly see Kaisa who really takes her time to listen and analyze my skin. She put together a skin regimen that really fits my unique needs and budget – my skin looks and feels great! I never feel rushed or up sold. These people really know what they are doing and they do it incredibly well. –Edie Kavouklis

Like most kids coming into puberty, I was stricken with a pretty bad case of acne at young age, breaking out on both my face and my body. At my mom’s insistence, I visited a dermatologist in the Tampa area, and while the medication that he prescribed me thankfully managed to clear up my face, none of it was any help for my body. A few years later, the breakouts got worse, so it was decided that I had to see a new dermatologist with the hope that he would have the answer for me. I visited this particular dermatologist three separate times over the course of 3-4 years — and each time he prescribed me the same medications, almost as if he had forgotten that he had already prescribed them for me before without any results. Eventually, I just took matters into my own hands and discovered that a good diet, a good sleep schedule, and a good exercise routine in combination with the right over-the-counter products could, if not “cure” it, at least clear up my skin enough to give me some confidence back. This, of course, had the added effect of convincing me that my skin and I could get along perfectly fine without a dermatologist — that is, until I went abroad and worked in a job that did not give me as much control over my sleep, exercise, and diet as I had had previously and in a country that did not offer the same OTC products. The breakouts came back twice as bad, and I realized that I, the person who thought he could treat his skin without a dermatologist, needed a dermatologist more than ever.

At about this time, one of my parents e-mailed me with the following message: “I met a woman who works at this place called Skin NV. She says she can help you.” This short message was not only timely, it was also reassuring — finally, a dermatologist who not only wanted to help, but insisted that she COULD. With this in mind, I decided to make the trip back home during one of my vacations. I quickly set up an appointment with Skin NV, where I met with Cheri and Alicia — and right away I noticed a big difference from previous dermatologists. Firstly, they treated me as if I were an individual person with personal needs, not just some guy who was keeping them busy during this half of the hour, which made me feel like I wasn’t being rushed in, rushed out. Secondly, I like that two workers, both Cheri and Alicia, completed the appointment with me. Because they seem to share a good chemistry with one another, it makes the whole experience much more relaxing and informal (but in a good way). I definitely appreciated how Cheri spoke with me openly about different medication options, including Accutane (whereas previous dermatologists seemed afraid to even mention this medication, as if it were some taboo medical practice). Eventually, she decided on a combination of antiobiotics with two topicals, and she even went out of her way to find me coupons that allowed me to save a LOT of money in combination with my insurance. (One definitely gets the sense that she would do this for anyone who visited Skin NV, not just me.) Overall, the medications that she prescribed me did more for me in two months than anything ever has before. It was enough to convince to quit my overseas job — and it was a good job! — and fly back to Tampa indefinitely so that I could get a check-up, get my medications renewed, and spend more time getting treated under the supervision of this great dermatologist.

It goes without saying, then, that I would totally recommend Skin NV. I’m very thankful to everyone there, especially Cheri and Alicia. 12 years ago my acne set in, and for the first time since then I’m finally feeling as if I’m being cut loose from it, as if I’m not only getting my skin and my confidence back, I’m also getting back parts of my life back that I used to miss out on. So, thank you! -Keaton


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