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Let Your Cellulite Go with QWO (NEW!)

What It Is

Skin NV is proud to announce QWO the first FDA-sanctioned injectable treatment for the removal of moderate to severe cellulite. QWO is formulated with enzymes called collagenases that target and degrade the collagen molecules that cause dimpling, making it an ideal treatment for individuals who have cellulite caused by fibrous collagen bands.

The QWO process involves three steps:

  • Step #1: The injections release the thickening collagen bands.
  • Step #2: Fat cells are redistributed.
  • Step #3: The production of new, healthy collagen is stimulated.

The treatment plan involves 3 sessions, 21 days apart. Each session is quick (30 minutes or less!), relatively painless, and there is little to no downtime. In fact, most patients resume regular activity immediately after treatment.

QWO injectable treatments are non-invasive, however, minor side effects such as bruising around the injection site and minor pain can occur. Symptoms are typically mild and go away within two to three weeks.

The Results

Most patients will see visible disappearance of cellulite between 10 to 21 days after the final treatment! It is important to note that everyone responds differently to treatments.

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